Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shoe Problems

To this day, I cannot find a truly comfortable pair of work shoes, whether they're flats or low heels.  I'm not comfortable in high heels unless it's for an occassion.  I pretty much sit all day, but we do have to dress up. 

The other day I ordered a new pair of black flats and a pair of these heels.  They both KILL my feet.  The flats are too narrow and the heels are pinching the outer part of my pinky toe.  Geesh.  The fact that I have bunions doesn't help when purchasing new shoes but neither of these shoes affect that issue.

I have the heels on today and I'm just hoping they need to stretch out a bit but I don't know how so many people wear 4 inch heels everyday and aren't in pain.  Maybe it's just my feet?!  They're narrow besides the bunion part (which is probably going to get worse as I age...great).

What are your "go to" shoes for work (if you have to get dressed up)?  Are they comfy or you just deal with the pain?  Ha!

I also spent a while in Lord and Taylor last week when they had a sale and none of the shoes I tried on were comfortable.  I wanted to try a pair of cushion-y flats but they were out of stock.

The other issue is dress pants.  I have to buy longer pants for higher shoes/dressy boots and shorter pants for flats.


The joys of being a woman!

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  1. Rachel, keep trying on shoes until they're comfortable. If they're not comfortable in the store, they won't be comfortable at home. Of course, after a long day in heels, anyone's feet will hurt! If shoes are a little tight, go up half a size and use a cushioned pad inside the shoe. Also, try wedges - they can be dressy without putting too much stress on your feet.