Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Should Just Eat Lettuce

Since ANY type of exercise is making my back, hip and/or leg SCREAM at this point.  I'm so frustrated!!!  I was able to run 3.1 a couple weeks ago and do Jillian's Ripped in 30, 3 days in a row last week.  I felt good during and after but the last 2 days, my hip is in major pain and the pinching feeling is currently in my calf as well.

The sciatica doctor called me Monday evening asking where I've been.  Well sir, I don't really have the $40/week to come see you right now.  I know it's my body we're talking about here and I HAVE to get better but that's a lot of $ right now.  He said he will lower my copay.  Ok, fine.  So I'm going back tonight and then he wants me to get an MRI.

Deathly afraid, people.  Deathlyyy.  No joke.  But, my coworker just told me about an open MRI that he just got, so I want to try that versus the coffin-like MRI where your nose is touching the friggin' machine.  I can't.  I will have a panic attack.

Back to the lettuce talk...I currently weigh 145 which is not bad.  I was 160 a year & 1/2 ago.  I'd like to continue exercising and I wouldn't mind losing 5-10 more lbs. 

Hence, the I-should-just-eat-lettuce theory.  Kidding.  I'm still eating pretty well - I'm not stressing over good fats and consume them daily.  I'm not worrying if I go over my calories on MFP because usually when I go over, it's only by a few calories.  I don't do low fat or reduced fat and I haven't in a while.  Now, I stock up on coconut oil, olive oil, peanut butter, avocado.  I cook my morning egg in coconut oil each day.  Dinner usually involves olive oil and my snack is often times an apple with peanut butter.

Don't fear the full fat products, my friends.  Visit my friend, Kate's page to read more about that.


  1. I love the full fat stuff, tastes better, and is better for you! People just need to remember not to go overboard with it!
    I hope you get things sorted out, it sucks you're still in pain!

  2. No you should not just eat lettuce. I don't do the low fat stuff either. Low fat PB or mayonnaise? YUCK.