Monday, October 13, 2014

A Tarot Reading

Yesterday, a friend of a friend posted something about it being a Mercury Retrograde through October 26th.  Astrology has always been interesting to me but I've never been that big on it (like reading my daily horoscope and whatnot).

Said friend offered the first 10 people who responded, a free reading.  With my current mood and feelings, I decided to see what mine read.  

"You received the Tower, reversed.  This card represents much chaos and turmoil in your life in that you thought you once had a strong foundation, but something came alone to completely undo that.  If it were in the upright position, it would mean that it has more to do with outside influences, but because it is reversed, it is you who is shaking things up.  I would urge you to shift your focus from the external of what is causing havoc in your life and put it on what part you are playing in perpetuating some of this turmoil.  That is where you will find harmony and balance."

This is definitely a little eerie, however without going into detail, I think it is pretty accurate but a bit exaggerated.  He did another one of my friend's readings and hers seemed on point as well.

You can read about mercury retrograde here.   For the Wikipedia description, here.
I had not even heard of it until yesterday.

I was born on the last day of the Sagittarius sign, 12/21.

Do you follow/believe in astrology?

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  1. I had a tarot reading done when I was 17. It all kind of blew my mind. I haven't had one done since, and kind of want to. There are "psychics" and tarot readers all over the place here. It'd be fun to stop into one of their shops (stores? what do you call their places of business?) and see what the cards say 15 years after my first reading.

  2. Ohh creeepy!!!! I love this kind of stuff though. I don't know if I believe in it, but I for sure find it interesting.