Thursday, October 23, 2014

Combining Piyo + Focus T25

Last week concluded 16 full weeks of Beachbody's Piyo. My honest results are - I lost 3 lbs. Unfortunately, I did not measure myself before but my clothes are definitely baggy. I had to purchase some new work pants in a smaller size and my stomach feels leaner. My jeans are too big on me also.

Throughout the 16 weeks, my eating was good but not great. I've been having Shakeology almost every day for breakfast. 

My office. I love my office so much. They're so kind and generous to us especially with FOOD so it's hard to stay focused and on point there. My weaknesses? Bagels - which I scoop the dough out and only have half :-/ and sometimes when they bring cannolis and coffeecake from Carlo's aka Cake Boss!  Anywaayyyyyyyy....

I really love Piyo. It works muscles you didn't know existed and it's low impact. I think it has truly helped strengthen my core which in turn has improved my running. It's very different from T25 which we did in January through April. 

With both programs, I really didn't lose much weight but I feel that I'm in really good shape and again, blaming my thryoid/medication for inability to lose weight. That really has to be the main factor. I try to stick to 1,300 calories on MFP and not eat the "extra" calories after a workout.

I decided to start combining both programs for the next 8 weeks.  I found this hybrid schedule so I'm going by that. Tonight we have a work event so knowing I won't be home until late, I got up an hour early for T25 cardio and it felt great!  I think I will try to do that on the T25 days since they're short.

Have you done Piyo, T25 or any other Beachbody program?


  1. I'm looking into this based on your recommendation. May have to reach out to you for tips! And it's always good when you go down a pants size!

  2. I've been really interested in T25 for a while, and this whole PiYo craze kind of has me interested too!

    I had no idea you lived so close to the Cake Boss! That's awesome!