Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New 2 mile PR!

I am convinced that doing Piyo before a run, and in general is really helping my speed!  It's a great warm up and stretch.  My 2 mile PR wasn't last night but I did run 2 miles in 19 minutes flat.  My first mile was 8:48 which I think is my quickest mile since the 5th grade.  I tend to slow down after the 1st mile.

Last week however, I ran 2 miles in 18:48 which was the PR.

I think I'm ready for that sub 30 minute 5K - hopefully soon!  I've been looking up races to sign up for in November.

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  1. Eeeep! YAY!!! You're going to run a sub-30 5k, I just know it.
    Great job, lady!

  2. Oh my gosh you are amazing!! It takes me about 50 minutes to do three miles #imsoslow