Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rainy Park Run

I feel like there are a lot of excuses one can use for not working out, and I'm guilty of it too.  Tired, sick, no time, the weather (if it's outdoors), our favorite shows are on, etc.  I rarely get sick *knock on wood* and when I do, I tend to stick to a workout because sometimes sweating it actually out helps.

Last night when I got home from work, it was windy, warm and muggy and we knew rain was on the way.  I know today I won't have time (see?) for a workout because I have a hair appointment after work and I'm usually there for 2-3 hours.  I've worked out late (9pm) at night before but then I have trouble sleeping.  I could have forced myself to get up at 6am for Piyo but I didn't.  Lately, I've been too hard on myself about getting work outs in and truly, 6 days/week is a lot.  It won't kill me to have a couple rest days.  In fact, it tends to help my performance.

Anyway, Saro and I went to the park for a trail run.  It's exactly 1.5 miles each way, so it's perfect for a 5K distance.  My map my run literally stopped at 3.10 when we got back to the car.  It's a little hilly and this trail includes about 30 stairs.  It rained poured pretty much the whole time but we managed.  It actually felt nice!  Next time I'll have to remember a baseball hat so I'm not looking down the whole time.

After that, Saro made a great dinner - Bow tie pasta with grilled split chicken breast, artichoke hearts, white beans, sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms in a white wine lemon sauce.  I can't wait to have the for leftovers for lunch :)

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  1. You are right, it's easy to make excuses when working out! But I always feel better, too. Your dinner sounds delicious!

  2. Sometimes a run in the rain is a nice change - good for you for getting out and doing it! That dinner sounds super yummy! Yay for a hubby who's good in the kitchen :)

  3. I'm guilty of making excuses, especially when it's raining. But, there have been a few occasions where I just sucked it up and ran. And, wouldn't you know it, I've enjoyed it each time! Way to get out there!!