Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Recap

It was a great weekend for sure!  Friday after work, Saro and I went to my cousin's for dinner and to spend the night.  We had the most amazing burgers from Whole Foods.  They have a burger "bar" in their meat department where you can choose your meat and what you want in it.  They're hand made.  I chose a beef burger with cheddar cheese and cooked onions.  It was literally the best burger I've ever had.  I have to see if the Whole Foods near me offers that.  She said they were around $2.50 each and they were HUGE.  If we ordered that out, it would have been $10 or more.

Saturday morning, my cousin and I ran a 4 mile race.  It was pouring rain the ENTIRE time.  It stopped right as we finished - figures!  My cousin just had a baby on June 21st and she really did great!  My time was 45 minutes and hers was 49.  Not my greatest time recently.  My clothes were soaked which added weight and my heart rate was above 200 almost the whole time.  Usually it's around 195 when I'm running.  Not to mention we had to dodge puddles and be careful not to slip on wet leaves.


After 4 months of my avocado pit sitting in water, it sprouted about 6 weeks ago and this weekend I was able to transfer it to a pot with soil.  I've heard it can take years to grow but it's worth a shot!

Lol it's so tiny and fragile.


Yesterday, we went to Applefest in Warwick, NY which is about 45 minutes from us.  It's basically a HUGE farmer's market/fair which 40,000 people attend.  It was the perfect day for it and we spent a good 4 hours just walking around.  They had some really awesome vendors there.  Some stuff was pretty pricey but we did get a few things.  

They had an apple pie contest which I entered but didn't win.  We did get to try it after they judged and I have to say it was the best apple pie I've made!  I combined a few different recipes plus added my own flair to it.  It was fun though!  The one that won looked like it had a crumb topping.  Meh, I'm a fan of a good buttery, flaky crust.

Did you partake in any Fall festivities this weekend?

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  1. Looks like you had an awesome weekend! I love your running stats- I want to start but am so intimidated! And your apple pie looks amazing! It's perfect!

  2. You should have won the apple pie contests but I might be biased.

  3. Woohoo, way to go on your run!! A race in the rain is always tricky business.
    Your apple pie looks ah-may-zing!